DIA SILVER:ing 126

Owner Unit: KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.

Design Unit: KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.

Team Member: Yojiro Kinoshita,Kazuo Oku,Takayoshi Kano,Kenta Asano


360° Gliding Chair "ing" It is already a serious social problem overseas that “long-time sitting increases health risks”. The essence of the problem is to keep the same posture and it does not make a big difference whether it is sitting or standing. Therefore, we faced this act of sitting down and developed this product. "ing"chair is developed under the concept of "free from sitting",and is so innovative that it does not prevent your body movement even when sitting.The feature of function is "Gliding Mechanism",with which the seat is gliding around 360 degrees to follow the body movement to any direction. The gravity mechanism without any spring does not require any strong force to start moving.This mechanism makes "swing back force" like swing,and you can swing with stable feeling because of "swing back force".

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