Focus | List of Experts for 2023 DIA Nominations (IV)

The 2023 DIA Call for Entry is proceeding in an orderly manner. Up to now, the DIA Committee has received thousands of entries from different countries and regions around the world, and DIA is attracting a high level of interest and participation from both inside and outside the industry.

Want your work to stand out from thousands of entries? Now the opportunity to obtain the “Special Pass” is coming! The 2023 DIA Committee invited 100 senior experts, academic leaders and industry elites from different fields to nominate works for 2023 DIA, and the works nominated by them can directly enter the Second Evaluation after being reviewed by the DIA Committee.

We hereby release the fourth batch of experts for the 2023 DIA nominations. Dear contestants, please come and find your talent scout!

List of Experts for DIA 2023 Nominations (IV)

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Chen Guoqiang (China)

Vice President of Yanshan University

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor. He is currently a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of Yanshan University, the leader of Hebei Excellent Teaching Team (Joint First-class Course in Design), and the Top Ten Design Educators of TIA (Top Innovation Award). Mr. Chen is also the Vice Chairman of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, Director of Hebei Research Center for Industrial Design Innovation and Development, Director of Hebei Research Center for Design Innovation and Industrial Development (New Think Tank), President of Hebei Innovation Design Research Society, Vice Chairman of Hebei Mechanical Engineering Society, Vice Chairman of Hebei Industrial Design Industry Alliance and Vice Chairman of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone Innovation Design Industry Alliance.


Hu Xiao (China)

President of Interaction Design Committee (IxDC)

Chairman of International Conference of Experience Design (IXDC), Executive Director of China Industrial Design Association, Vice President of Guangdong Industrial Design Association and Director of Dragon Design Foundation. As an outstanding industry promoter in China’s user experience design, he is leading the development of experience design in China. With more than 20 years of professional experience, Mr. Hu insists on design serving the people, focus on design-driven innovation, and promote the development of interactive design, experience design, service design, industrial design industry and multi-field design integration in China. He has won the honors of Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Design Industry, Silver Award of the 8th Guangdong "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition, Excellent Expert of Guangzhou High-level Talents, Greater Bay Area Design Leader Award, etc.


Hua Hao (China)

Hua Hao, Senior Director of Design Center, Yuwell Group

As the head of the design center of Yuwell Group, Hua Hao leads multiple teams and undertakes the appearance design, interaction design and user research of the Group’s product lines. Since 2020, they have developed dozens of star products, including medical automatic tunnel-type blood pressure monitor, 630CR integrated upper arm blood pressure monitor, 8F-10W medical 10L oxygen generator, GU200 uric acid and blood glucose meter, Anytime CT3 dynamic blood glucose monitor, etc. Before joining Yuwell, he worked in Philips Shanghai Design Center for many years; he was responsible for the design of medical imaging product lines, completed a number of heavyweight products including MR5300 MRI and Spectral CT, and won many design awards such as Red Dot Best of the Best, IF and G-Mark. After graduation, Hua Hao worked for multiple top design consulting companies in Britain and America, and has rich experience in medical product design and international vision.


He Lijuan (China)

Design Director of Industrial Design Center, Shenzhen Mindary Biomedical Electronic Co., Ltd.

She has been deeply involved in the medical industry for 15 years, and led the Mindray team to create a number of star products and intelligent solutions in monitoring, respiration, anesthesia, defibrillation, infusion pump, minimally invasive surgery, operating-lamp/table/medical hanging tower and Hospitalwide Solution ecology, which made great contributions in design to the development of the company and the industry. Ms. He have won more than 30 design awards, including China Appearance Design Excellence Award, Red dot, IF, Special Award of Shenzhen Global Design Award, Excellence Award of Guangdong "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition, and more than 100 patents of invention, utility model and appearance. Adhering to the people-centered design concept and covering the poorest African hospitals in the world to the highly developed top hospitals in Europe and America, he uses systematic design methods to guide the team to create design solutions with both commercial value and humanistic temperature.


Li Bin (China)

President of Central Research Institute, Ningbo Fotile Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.

Professor-level senior engineer, expert enjoying special allowance of the State Council, selected into the National “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand” Talents Program, and served as the Vice Chairman of the National Daily-used Hardware Sub-technical Committee of National hardware products standardization technical committee. Mr. Li is responsible for the operation of scientific research platforms such as "Zhejiang Industrial Design Center", "Zhejiang Key Laboratory of Healthy and Smart Kitchen System Integration" and "Zhejiang Engineering Research Center for Healthy and Smart Kitchen". He won the "China Patent Award" and many provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological progress awards as the first author. The products he developed and the industrial design team led by him have won many industrial design awards at home and abroad.


Lin Jingting (China)

Secretary General of Fujian Industrial Design Association

Associate Professor, Master Supervisor. Head of Industrial Design Department, College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University, Director of Institute of Product Innovation Design, Huaqiao University, Secretary General of Fujian Industrial Design Association, Executive Director of Fujian Industrial Design and Service Manufacturing Industry Technology Development Base, General Manager of Xiamen Zhile Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd., Industrial Design Consultant of Fujian Jingxin Think Tank, Secretary General of the Working Committee of Fujian “Channel Cup" Industrial Design (Jinjiang) Competition, and Evaluation Expert of China Excellent Industrial Design. Mr. Lin has led more than 100 scientific research projects, obtained more than 70 authorized patents, and won 3 awards including iF and Red-dot design awards.


Liao Xiang (China)

Editor-in-Chief of

Liao Xiang, founder and editor-in-Chief of VisionUnion, judge of China Design Yearbook, senior design media worker, curator and promoter of social activities related to creative design industry, has been committed to promoting the development of domestic creative design industry.


Jiang Chunhui (China)

Design Director of Haier Innovation Design Center

As the Design Director of Haier Design Center, he is specializing in product design, design strategy, etc. Mr. Jiang is the head of the industrial design sector for all the product brands and categories of Haier Group. Since joining Haier in 2005, he has won 63 prizes of IF Award and Red Dot Design Award, obtained 5 national technical invention patents, 143 utility model patents and 557 design patents, won 2 Gold Awards of China Design Patent Award by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 3 Gold Awards of China Design Patent Award and 3 Excellence Awards by the China National Intellectual Property Administration; In 2020, he won the gold medal of the third Shandong "Governor's Cup" Industrial Design Competition and the Shandong Province Model Worker Medal. In 2021, he won the Top 100 Chief Design Officers in China's Design Industry, and in 2022, he won the Forbes TOP10 Intelligent Industrial Designers. Since joining Haier Group 18 years ago, he has led the innovative design team to design a variety of star products for the Group, which have created good economic and social benefits for the Group and brought good user reputation.


Ji Weiping (China)

Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Zhejiang Association for IoT Industry

Ji Weiping, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Zhejiang Association for IoT Industry, off-campus supervisor of Zhejiang University, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Zhejiang Kunpeng Computing Industry Alliance, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Zhejiang Intelligent Manufacturing Standards Alliance, Vice President of Hangzhou Xihu District Federation of Industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce) and President of Yunqi Town Chamber of Commerce. Deputy Head of the National Standards Working Group of Patrol Robot and Logistics Robot, and an expert of iconic industrial chain in Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang Association for IoT Industry is a 5A association and a national public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Mugendi K. M’ Rithaa (Kenya)

Professor of Industrial Design, Machakos University

Professor Mugendi K. M 'Rithaa is an interdisciplinary industrial designer, consultant, educator and researcher in Nairobi, Kenya. He studied in Kenya, the United States, India and South Africa, and holds postgraduate qualifications in industrial design and higher education, as well as a doctorate in general design. Mugendi has been to many countries and has teaching experiences in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Sweden. He is very interested in design expressions with a sense of social responsibility, including People-oriented design, design strategies to tackle climate change, social innovation and sustainable design, distributed renewable energy, indigenous knowledge system, sustainable development, participatory design and general design. Mugendi was also Africa's first president of the World Design Organization (WDO). Much of his work focuses on WDO in supporting the aspirations of international designers.


Pan Changxue (China)

Dean of School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology

Director of Humanities Division of Wuhan University of Technology, Chair Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Member of the Academic Committee of Wuhan University of Technology, Chief Expert of the Construction of “First-rate Universities and Disciplines” in Wuhan University of Technology, Editor-in-Chief of Design Research, a professional journal published at home and abroad under the charge of the Ministry of Education. Member of the Steering Committee for National Art Major Degree Postgraduate Education, Member of the Steering Committee for Design Undergraduate Teaching of the Ministry of Education, Leader of the National Major Innovation Project "Research on Cruise Aesthetic Design Technology", and Vice Chairman of Hubei Artists Association.


Su Jianning (China)

Dean of Graduate School, Lanzhou University of Technology

Professor, Doctor, Doctoral Supervisor, Young Scholar of the Feitian Scholar Program of Gansu Province Mr. Su is currently the Dean of the Graduate School, Lanzhou University of Technology, the Director of Gansu Industrial Design Industry Technology Center, a member of the Industrial Design Teaching Steering Sub-committee of the Ministry of Education, a director of China Industrial Design Association, a executive director of the Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, the Deputy Secretary-General of China Innovation Design Industry Strategic Alliance, the Vice Chairman of Gansu Industrial Design Innovation Alliance; he is also an editorial board member of journals such as Mechanical Design and Packaging Engineering, and an evaluation expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China, China Excellent Industrial Design and China Universities Industrial Design Competition. He is a Visiting Scholar of Product Innovation and Industrial Design Center of Technical University of Denmark, and has won Silver Medal of China Design Contribution Award of DDF Awards, Gansu Young Teacher Talent Award and other awards.


Wu Yichen (China)

Associate Dean, School of Industrial Design, China Academy of Art

Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Master Supervisor, School of Industrial Design, China Academy of Art; Ph.D., Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. Main research interests: Industrial design, interaction design, intelligent product and service design, user experience. He has published many papers in domestic and foreign journals, participated in international forums such as HCI and CUMULUS for many times and made paper presentation. His works have participated in exhibitions and won more than ten awards at home and abroad. Mr. Wu has also cooperated with Chinese and foreign enterprises on courses and research projects.


Liao Xiang (China)

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, College of Fashion and Design, Donghua University

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, College of Fashion and Design, Donghua University, Professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, Shanghai, Director of Shanghai Society for Modern Design Theory and Methodology Research. Major orientation: Industrial design, product design.


Xu Bing (China)

Member of Expert Committee of China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance

Doctor, member of the Expert Committee of China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance, expert of industrial design think tank of Economic and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, winner of DDF Award for 70 Zhengjiang Designers for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. His main research interests include industrial design industry planning and design strategy research, and product innovation design research. More than 40 research reports on industrial design industry, industrial policy plans, study reports and industrial development suggestions edited by him or written by him as the lead author or the main contributor have been adopted and applied, and he has also served as guests of various design forums for many years, attended more than 100 events such as keynote speeches, special reports or  design competitions.


Zhao Yang (China)

Professor of China Academy of Art

Zhao Yang, Professor of China Academy of Art, Vice President of CAA Institute of Industrial Design, Design Director of CAA Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute, Distinguished Professor of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Hubei Academy of Fine Arts and Inner Mongolia University Of Science and Technology, one of the founders of environmental art major and industrial design major of China Academy of Art. He has once served as deputy director of the Teaching Steering Sub-Committee of Industrial Design of the Ministry of Education and executive director of China Industrial Design Association. He is currently Deputy Director of the Council of Industrial Design Arts of China Artists Association, Deputy Director of Evaluation Expert Committee of the State Tourism Administration, Director of the Council of Industrial Design Arts of Zhejiang Artists Association, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Industrial Design Society, expert member of Hebei Innovation Design Center and member of Hangzhou Urban Planning Expert Advisory Committee; he has won the honorary titles of "Top 10 Educators in Industrial Design in China" and “National Accomplished Senior Interior Architect".


Zhong Suping (China)

Design Director of Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co., Ltd.

Expert of Zhejiang Industrial Design Expert Database, Member of Expert Database of Zhejiang Senior Industrial Designer Professional Qualification Evaluation Committee, Vice President of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association and Hangzhou Industrial Design Association, Top 10 Outstanding Youths in China's Design Industry in DDF Award and winner of DDF Award for 70 Zhengjiang Designers for the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. As the head of the National Industrial Design Center of Robam Appliances, she led the design strategy and planning, product design, conceptual design, trend research and other related design management work of Robam’s 10+ product lines. She has also promoted the whole process system of design innovation of ID+UI+IXD+CMF in the enterprise, and launched 6000+ new products with innovative design, won more than 100 domestic and foreign design awards such as Red Dot Award (Germany), IF Award (Germany), GDA (Japan), IDEA (USA) and Red Star Award (China), and won the Gold Awards of China Design Patent Award in 2018 and the Gold Award of DIA Award in 2021.

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