Announcement | Unveiling of the Top 30 for the 2023 Design Intelligence Award



Tonight, 2023 Design Intelligence Award (DIA) Ceremony kicked off in the Liangzhu Campus at China Academy of Art. Representatives from high-end manufacturing industry, high-tech companies, renowned design firms and internationally acclaimed universities gathered in this ceremony and witnessed the birth of the two million-level Gold Award winners.


At the Award Ceremony, we announced 30 works competing for the highest prize and bonus, including 2 "Gold Award winners, 8 "Silver Award winners and 10 "Bronze Award winners from the Product Group, 2 "Future Talents Award and 8 "Young Talents Awardfrom the Concept Group. What works stand out in the 2023 DIA? 


Gold Award





BrainRobotics mini hand



Applicant: Zhejiang Qiangnao Technology Co., Ltd




The intelligent bionic hand represents a quantum leap forward from the era of rudimentary metal hooks and static prosthetic limbs. It shatters previous constraints that required physical buttons or joysticks to perform pre-programmed gestures. This advanced prosthetic hand weaves AI technology and bespoke programming capabilities into its core, offering a more seamless and intuitive user experience. By harnessing muscle signals through electromyography sensors in the residual limb, it translates these biological cues into precise movements, enabling amputees to perform gestures and actions that feel natural and intuitive.





Health Font - A Phonetic-based Braille Input Font



Applicant: Alibaba Health (China) Technology Company Limited




This exhibition is the first public welfare art exhibition for the visually impaired in China, showcasing a collection of one thousand design works incorporating Braille, which represent the essential aspects needed by visually impaired individuals throughout their lives. It provokes the audience to contemplate each other's life experiences. In terms of technical realization, the exhibition uses the real-time translation function of Chinese Braille of Alibaba Health Font to design 1001 pieces of life design cases required by visually impaired people in their lifetime, and also uses AI technology to realize the innovative expression of dream text to video image for visually impaired people; in terms of exhibition interactivity, it combines the Braille printing process and standard to realize the idea that all works can be touched to guarantee the viewing experience of visually impaired people, so as to achieve a truly barrier-free art exhibition.



Silver Award






报送单位:Springtime Design(荷兰)

Applicant: Springtime Design (NL)


LEMMO One E+Bike是一款独特的城市电动自行车,将电子驱动系统与机械自行车分离开来。这允许各种使用情况,因为自行车既可以用作舒适的通勤电动自行车,也可以用作运动型安全踏板自行车。同时,这一概念可以方便地升级或修理电子零件,从而延长自行车的使用寿命。一辆有两张脸和一个灵魂的自行车。对用户来说很好,对地球来说也很好。


LEMMO One E+Bike is a unique urban E-bike that separates the electronic drive system from the mechanical bike. This allows for various use cases, since the bike can be used both as a comfortable commuter E-bike as well as a sporty leasure pedal bike. At the same time, this concept allows for easy upgrade or repair of the E-parts, resulting in a much longer lifespan of the bike. A bike with 2 faces and 1 soul. Great for the user, great for the planet.







Applicant: TG0 (UK)




Introducing eteeController, a groundbreaking innovation that's set to redefine the VR landscape. Experience a seamless transition from traditional buttons of the past to a natural gesture-based interface of the future, where individual finger movement and pressure are sensitively detected, offering a truly intuitive experience. eteeController comes with universal fit for all hand sizes, eliminating the constraints of gloves. With powerful embedded haptic motors and an unmatched 360-degree tracking angle provided by eteeTracker, we're taking immersion to new heights. With applications ranging from emulating an Xbox controller for PC gaming to immersive interactions in SteamVR, eteeController revolutionizes the way we engage with the virtual world. Powered by TG0's cost-effective component assembly process and patented technology, our product offers affordability without compromising quality. Lightweight and compatible with existing trackers, eteeController promises an unparalleled user experience. Positioned strategically to tap into the booming VR market, we are not just revolutionizing gaming but also making waves in fitness electronics and medical research using eteeControllers pressure sensing capabilities. Join us on this journey of innovation and experience a future where touch and pressure sensing smart polymer technology take centre stage with etee.






报送单位:BladeBUG Limited(英国)

Applicant: BladeBUG Limited (UK)


BladeBUG Limited是一家总部位于英国的深度科技初创公司,正在开发一种机器人平台,无需派遣绳索接入技术人员到刀片上进行详细的接触检查和维修。BladeBUG Limited开发了一种独特的六条腿步行机器人,该机器人从头开始设计,用于对海上风力涡轮机叶片进行远程详细检查和早期维修。BladeBUG能够实时收集关键资产的智能数据,而无需将人员置于危险之中或需要熟练的专家,从而降低了与风力涡轮机叶片维护相关的成本和风险。该机器人有助于应对风电行业面临的技术工人短缺的挑战,这对实现海上风电行业雄心勃勃的增长计划至关重要。


BladeBUG Limited is a UK based deep tech startup developing a robotic platform that removes the necessity to send a rope access technician on to the blade to perform detailed contact inspections and repairs. BladeBUG Limited has developed a unique six-legged walking robot that has been designed from the ground up to perform remote detailed inspections and early stage repairs on offshore wind turbine blades. BladeBUG's ability to collect intelligent data for critical assets in real time without putting people in danger or requiring skilled experts reduces the costs and risks associated with wind turbine blade maintenance. The robot helps the challenges faced by the wind industry with the shortage of skilled workers, essential to enabling the ambitious growth plans of the offshore wind sector.




BeneHeart DX:灵活减负的智能急救解决方案

BeneHeart DXNew Wave of Rescue Flexibility



Applicant: Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.




The BeneHeart DX defibrillator monitor is designed with the concept of modular clinical toolkit, which meets complex and changeable clinical emergency scenarios better. With this highly integrated tool, the rescue process become safer and more efficient. The whole product solves the long-standing pain point of large, heavy and difficult-to-carry equipment faced by pre-hospital through its small size and light type. At the same time, unique information network system and transfer monitoring module (N1) improve the efficiency of hospital acceptance of patients and the integrity of data, making the connection between the hospital and the hospital safer and more efficient, becoming the only emergency system in the world that can seamlessly transfer patient data , to better meet clinical demands.




元萝卜AI下棋机器人 围棋版

SenseRobot Go Robot



Applicant: Sensetime




SenseRobot AI go robot is an innovative product that integrates AI technology and Go, using AI vision and robotic arms to provide a realistic game experience. It has a variety of game modes and Go power levels to meet the needs of users of various levels and help users improve their Go power. It also has a level beyond the human level for high-level users to challenge. In cooperation with mainstream internet go platforms, users can play remotely to reduce the damage of electronic screens to their eyes. It is hoped that by combining AI and Go, we will further inherit and develop traditional culture.




奕目科技光场相机 VA6

VOMMA Light Field Camera VA6



Applicant: Shanghai VOMMA Technology Co.,Ltd




VOMMA light field camera utilizes the principles of non-focused light field imaging to address the requirements of high-end manufacturing industries for three-dimensional structural and defect inspection of complex products. Drawing from biomimetic principles, it mimics insect compound eyes through millions of micro-lens arrays to empower light field cameras with precise three-dimensional object perception capabilities. Light field cameras find applications across numerous specialized domains, including aircraft turbine blade examination, electric cell inspection for power batteries, three-dimensional detection of chip gold wiring, three-dimensional virtual image surface detection, and more.




Banyan·榕 蔚来智能系统

NIO Banyan Smart System 



Applicant: NIO Holding Co., Ltd


Banyan·榕 智能系统是蔚来最新一代的数字技术平台,蔚来以智能系统来定义智能汽车,致力于为用户打造移动的生活空间、有温度有情感的伙伴,全面连接产品社区与服务,为用户带来超越期待的全程体验,创造愉悦的生活方式。


Banyan Smart System is NIO's latest digital technology platform. NIO's smart electric vehicles are defined by its smart systems. NIO is committed to making EV a mobile living space and a warm emotion companion. By bringing together products, services and the user community, NIO creates experiences beyond expectations and shapes a joyful lifestyle for every user.





nubia Pad 3D





nubia Pad 3D是全球首款AI裸眼3D平板电脑。产品采用unibody一体式设计,航空级铝合金机身配合喷砂氧化工艺,前后两组AI引擎超级仿生摄像头,搭载了独特的3D光场显示技术,支持全场景2D3D实时转换。AI脸部实时追踪,8种视场角,观看距离更加灵活。裸眼3D全生态解决方案,拓宽应用场景,为直播、视频会议、文旅、医疗、可视化教育等多个行业赋能。


The nubia Pad 3D is the world's first AI glasses-free 3D tablet. The product adopts a unibody design, with an aerospace-grade anodized alloy body combined with sandblasting oxidation process, which is exquisite and simple, and perfectly integrated. It has two sets of AI engines, super bionic cameras on the front and back, equipped with unique 3D light field display technology, supporting real-time conversion from 2D to 3D in all scenarios. AI real-time face tracking, 8 types of field of view, making the viewing distance more flexible. The glasses-free 3D full ecosystem solution broadens the application scenarios, empowering multiple industries such as live broadcasting, video conferencing, cultural tourism, medical, and visual education.



Bronze Award





Floor One Station



Applicant: Tineco Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd.




Floor One Station is the first wet dry vacuum that connects directly to household drainage system, allowing users to achieve professional cleaning results without having to come into contact with dirt and grime. When put back, the station automatically assesses the cleaners level of dirtiness and initiate the appropriate self-cleaning program, including water replenishment, waste discharge, flushing, centrifugal drying, UV sterilization, etc. This series of operations ensures that the machine remains clean and sterile, and is ready for the next cleaning cycle.





LOTUS Automatic Flash Charging Robot



Applicant: Hangzhou Flash Charging New Energy Co.,Ltd




Introducing the LOTUS automatic flash charging robot, the world's first mass-produced robot designed specifically for electric vehicles. Inspired by the pit stop concept of F1 racing cars and keeping with the LOTUS brand tradition, this robot is a game-changer. It uses a high-definition camera and wireless communication sensor to identify the reserved vehicle and automatically opens the hatch to connect the charging connector for a hassle-free charging experience. What's more, the charging process takes just 15 minutes to go from 20% to 80%, making it significantly faster and more efficient than traditional charging methods. Enjoy a more convenient charging experience with the LOTUS automatic flash charging robot.





GameTech Boosts Digital Heritage Preservation



Applicant: Tencent




For the first time ever, the largest-scale cultural heritage - the Great Wall - with ultra-high precision and immersive interactive digital restoration has been achieved through various gaming technologies such as domestic cloud gaminggame engines and Procedural Content Generatio.We look forward to digitalization enabling more people to share in cultural achievements and serving as a vital platform for cross-cultural exchange and mutual learning.





Yuwell Auto CPAP Breathcare III







By adopting a low-noise compressor and three adjustable nebulization levels design to improve user comfort greatly. The series adopts a simple and concise design with an extrusion shape, we create a sculptural and consistent design language through the combination of form and functionmaking the entire product line concise, beautiful, and coordinated.






Applicant: HAKUHODO KETTLE(日本)


THE MODEL CITY 1:1 SCALE这个城市重新设计项目旨在将普通城市转变为塑料模型。主题是“如果这个城市是一个塑料模型会怎样?”。我们将邮筒改为了新的塑料模型风格。它看起来像一个预装的模型,但还是可以像常规邮筒一样投寄明信片。此外,我们还改造了电话亭,当然,它仍然可以打电话。我们还对其他物品进行了改造,包括旅游标志、长椅、街灯、拍照点等。我们的想法是将这个城市传统产业转变为旅游景点。


THE MODEL CITY 1:1 SCALE. A city redesign project to transform an ordinary city into a plastic model.The theme was What if this city were a plastic model?. We changed the postbox to a new plastic model-style.It looks like a pre-assembled model but you can still drop in your postcard just like a regular postbox. And, we transformed a phone booth. Of course, it can still make calls. Other things we reshaped include, tourist signs, benches, street lights, photo spots, and more. Our idea was to transform the city's traditional industries into tourist attractions.





IFLYTEK Spark × HUAWEI Ascend LLM Server



Applicant: IFLYTEK CO.,LTD




This product enables the domestic computing power platform to help enterprises deploy private cognitive large-scale models, fully empowering office work and improving efficiency (this work was first published in DIA).In today's society, the new development of general artificial intelligence brought about by cognitive big models also brings new opportunities to solve human needs. After the launch of Starfire Big Model, it increased 1 million Chinese users in 7 days and launched "10000+" assistant, covering 15 application scenarios such as work, study, and life. In the era of empowerment of cognitive big models, we not only need to see what technology can do but also build a healthy and safe industrial promotion environment and capability guarantee. Therefore, the Starfire All-in-one Machine, jointly developed by iFLYTEK and Huawei, was born. It can provide AI capabilities such as underlying computing power, AI frameworks, training algorithms, reasoning ability, and application effectiveness on a safe and controllable domestic computing platform to help enterprises rapidly deploy private big models. iFLYTEK Starfire All-in-one Machine is the first in China to achieve "Enterprises can take it back for reasoning and dedicated internal big model training" and use it right out of the box.





Honeywell Pivot WCS/WES Solution



Applicant: Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (China) Co., Ltd.




Honeywell's intelligent high-density warehouse solution is a new generation of automated storage and retrieval total solution that can achieve efficient storage and massive order fulfillment. With the innovative Pivot WES (Warehouse Execution System) and new shuttle system as the core, it can easily integrate voice solutions, data collection terminals, robot picking, etc., to best-fit the specific operational requirements and various applications. With its excellent flexibility, scalability and efficiency, the total solution can minimize the operational footprint, provide maximum throughput, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.




Horizon of Khufu


Applicant: Emissive (FR)


“消失的法老”是一次身临其境的探险(45分钟LBE VR体验)。除了近距离了解金字塔的内部结构和历史背景外,游客甚至会回到4500年前,揭开古埃及文明的奥秘。


"The Horizon of Khufu" is an immersive expedition (45-minute LBE VR experience). In addition to getting a close look at the internal structure and historical context of the pyramid, visitors will even travel back to 4,500 years ago to uncover the mystery of ancient Egyptian civilization.





深度漫游 ·莫高窟 285

A Fairyland of Dunhuang Digital Dunhuang VR Deep Roaming·Cave 285, Mogao Grottoes







A Fairyland of Dunhuang is a product of deep cultural interaction forged by the digital Dunhuang database for the first time, centering on Cave 285at Mogao Grottoes.Depending on academic research and cutting-edge technologies, A Fairyland of Dunhuangbroke limitations of physical boundaries and reconstructed a HD and 3D virtual Cave 285 of Mogao Grottoes in 1:1 size, showing a deep roaming scene of real-time interaction, immersive visiting and entertainment experience.





yangwang U8



Applicant: BYD Company Limited




YANGWANG U8 is the first vehicle model launched by the YANGWANG brand, and it is also the one equipped with the most advanced technology and the latest design concept. U8 is a masterpiece that the YANGWANG brand hopes to present to users, redefining the benchmark of hard off-road vehicles in the era of new energy and intelligence, and bringing users a new off-road experience of safety, high performance, luxury and comfort in one.



Future Talents Award






报送单位:NK Technology Ltd. (SCALED)(英国)

Applicant: NK Technology Ltd. (SCALED) (UK)




SCALED is a nature-inspired, material innovation offering flexible body armor used for maximized injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement through regulated motion control in human joints. The patented SCALED technology involves overlapping rows of scales which permit undisrupted flexibility in one direction and lock against each other to provide firmness in the other. The unique SCALED material therefore precisely controls the range of motion in a human joint and in addition absorbs sudden impacts. Our vision is to protect the superhumans of tomorrow by preventing injuries today.







Applicant: VANTOT (NL)



Sunseeker是由Studio VANTOT开发的移动模块化太阳能灯链。它以人为中心的设计促进了城市景观的趣味性和参与性,并鼓励当地人对可持续能源资源的好奇心。SUNSEEKER的智能太阳能收集模块配备了光传感器,可以通知每个灯具绕其轴线旋转,或沿着光链移动以找到阳光最充足的地方。这使得固定装置能够避开城市景观的阴影,并优化太阳能收集。就像向日葵旋转着捕捉阳光,或者人们在高楼之间追逐移动的太阳一样,灯光的编排为我们通常与世隔绝的城市环境增添了令人兴奋和伤感的元素。一旦太阳落山,SUNSEEKER就会成为一条照明之路,因为它利用捕获的太阳能照亮夜晚。


Sunseeker is a mobile and modular solar-light chain developed by Studio VANTOT. Its human-centered design promotes playfulness and participation in urban landscapes, and encourages local curiosity towards sustainable energy resources. The smart solar harvesting modules of SUNSEEKER are equipped with light sensors that inform each individual light fixture to spin on its axis, or move along the light chain to find the sunniest spots. This allows the fixture to escape the shadows of the urban landscape and optimizes solar harvesting. Much like sunflowers spinning to catch the sun rays, or people chasing glimpses of the moving sun between high-rises, the choreography of the lights adds an exciting and sentimental element to our usually detached city settings. Once the sun sets, SUNSEEKER becomes an illuminating pathway, as it uses captured solar energy to light up the night.



Young Talents Award






报送个人:monoto design LLC(日本)

Applicant: monoto design LLC (JP)




HEX is a portable mini cruiser specialized for daily use. It transforms daily transportation, from home to the station or to a nearby cafe, into a comfortable and hassle-free experience. HEX represents a new evolution specialized for urban commuting. It offers the optimal size and quietness for city riding, a patent-pending structure that dramatically enhances balance, and features a simple yet refined design that appeals to adults. Moreover, the most important aspect is that HEX offers a more carbon-free means of transportation. The innovation that enables these achievements is supported by a patent-pending structure that prevents backward movement. Traditional skateboards are designed with tricks in mind, making them prone to sliding both forwards and backwards, and consequently making balance more difficult to maintain. However, HEX features a structure that allows easier rotation only in the forward direction, greatly improving the range of balance and stability.





TITA Robot



Applicant: Direct Drive Technology Limited




TITA Robot is a wheeled bi-pedal robot designed and produced by Direct Drive Tech. Combining exceptional perceptual capabilities with advanced decision-making capability, TITA Robot is a wheeled and bipedal robot. With an impressive range of 6-8 degrees of flexibility, this innovation harnesses the speed and agility of wheeled robots while leveraging the adaptability of their legged counterparts through state-of-the-art direct-drive joints and hub motor drive technology. Its streamlined, integrated design and superior maneuverability make it a standout performer across various tasks. Featuring versatile rails on its upper body, Tita Robot offers quick modular disassembly of accessories. Additionally, these rails enable the stacking of built-in speakers, catering to the specific demands of individual scenarios. Equipped with exceptional anti-falling capability, enhanced self-recovery capability, instantaneous responsiveness and heightened obstacle avoidance awareness, Tita Robot effortlessly adapts to complex terrains, ensuring efficient movement. TITA robots can be used for education and academic research, intelligent industrial park inspections, data acquisition, building surveying and mapping, etc.




Robotic Air Hockey


报送单位:Fresh Consulting(美国)

Applicant: Fresh Consulting (USA)




Microsoft AI partnered with us to develop a promotional hardware piece for the Autonomous Systems group. They needed a bold platform to excite and inspire people about intelligent control systems. Together we created a first-of-its-kind robotic air hockey table that gamifies interaction between humans and robots.





concept design of the movie Wandering Earth 2



Applicant: Art Department of The Movie Wandering Earth 2




In the movie (The Wandering Earth II), our team utilized product design concepts and industrial manufacturing processes to design and create conceptual products for the film.including the Dynamic omniterrain guardian system, Frontline robotic augme ntation for military elite rangers, manned maneuvering unit, Predator. 1Industrial design concepts were employed to design the products in the science fiction movie, making them more realistic while also embodying practicality. 2Industrial manufacturing processes were employed to structurally design and produce movie props, ensuring a controlled production flow and consistent quality throughout the manufacturing process.








Applicant: Lingshuang Kong




The data reveals that over 2/3 of elderly individuals are currently taking five or more medications, which raises adverse drug interaction risk by 50%. Even more concerning, potential drug and food interactions occur twice a month, even causing disabilities and deaths. However, clinical examinations for all potential drug interactions are time-consuming and resource-intensive, rendering it impractical to identify every genuine interaction. Furthermore, the web is filled with false and non-authoritative information, making it difficult for seniors to receive accurate medication guidance. The substantial user base also makes it challenging for healthcare professionals to individually help everyone with polypharmacy issues. To address this issue, we developed EasyMed, an artificial intelligence-powered application that utilizes the molecular compound structures of drugs and food to predict adverse interactions. EasyMed also integrates multiple AI technologies, including drug and food recognition and text-to-speech capabilities, to assist users in managing medications safely and efficiently.





Autonomous Electric Mining Truck



Applicant: Jiangsu XCMG Construction Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd




The world's first 80-ton all-electric unmanned mining vehicle, equipped with a zero-emission all-weather power system to adapt to high-altitude, extreme cold, and scorching hot weather conditions. Integrated with fast charging and a 5-minute battery replacement mechanism, it enables continuous 24-hour operations. The intelligent light language and interface interaction system enhance the electronic biotic attributes of the product, ushering in a design evolution from "human-tool" to "human-engineering partner," thus defining a novel human-machine ethical relationship. Software interaction efficiency has been boosted by 27% compared to its predecessor. The exterior design is deeply intertwined with XCMG's PI philosophy, eloquently narrating a compelling new Chinese story.





Space Kitchen System of China Space Station



Applicant: Joyoung Co., Ltd




Commissioned by the China Space Administration, after eight years of independent research and development of space kitchen system equipment with core technologies such as efficient heating, water purification cycle, grinding and pulping, and intelligent interconnection for the Chinese space station, and the application of scenarios benefiting people's livelihood industries. Through 8 years of independent research and development of the space kitchen technology system to solve the Chinese astronauts in the extreme environment of space and spacecraft load drinking water and food problems and benefit the people's livelihood scenarios.





"Sleep No. 0" smart mattress



Applicant: China Academy of Art




"Deep Sleep No. 0" is a deep-sleeping smart mattress that collects big data on Chinese body shape standards, uses parametric design, and combines AI intelligent algorithms to provide precise support. The "Shensleep No. 0" smart mattress collects big data from the human body and combines it with AI intelligent algorithms and parametric design to automatically generate a mattress support structure that meets Chinese body shape standards, providing users with precise support and achieving deep sleep without feeling. Subverting the core support technology of the traditional mattress industry.




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