The Value of DIA: Design Intelligence Exhibition

Since the 8th DIA was launched in March 2023, we have received more than 7,000 entries from 41 countries and regions around the world. After the Preliminary Evaluation (online) and the Second Evaluation (physical works), a total of 337 works from 19 countries and regions were shortlisted, among which 30 outstanding works were shortlisted in the Final and 306 works were selected for the Honorable Mention Award. Among the shortlisted works this year, overseas works account for 43%, the works released for the first time account for 67%, and pioneering projects in fields such as artificial intelligence and brain-computer interface as well as ongoing laboratory projects account for 30%. The short-listed world-renowned scientific and technological innovation enterprises and research institutions include Honeywell, Honda, iFlytek, Alibaba, Tencent, Mindray, BrainCo, Dunhuang Academy, ZTE, SenseTime, etc.; In addition, the 2023 DIA also attracted a number of world-renowned design firms including Emissive (France) and HAKUHODO KETTLE (Japan) for the first time. Moreover, in March 2023, DIA joined hands with more than 100 international designer organizations, art colleges at home and abroad, and digital technology and advanced manufacturing enterprises to launch the DIA-based Design Intelligence Union (DIU), an innovation consortium of "art, science, business and education”.

The 2023 DIA is supported by The People's Government of Zhejiang Province, co-sponsored by China Academy of Art and the Economy and Information Technology Department of Zhejiang. On the basis of the 2023 DIA, more than 300 works are on display. This exhibition reflects the development course, features & highlights, international influence, valuable cases and the construction of DIU in recent 10 years. More importantly, it innovatively displays the important works in 2023 in combination with the excellent works of previous DIAs through ten specific cases, so as to present the "Value of DIA". The ten cases are: From Machine Assistance to Perception Generation, Empowering Excellence, More Resilient Humanity, From Conveyance to Intelligent Terminals, Travel and Efficiency, Cultural Inheritance and Innovation, Trends and Advocacy in the era of Generation Z, Everyday Ingenuity, Free Your “Hands” and Kids Friendly. The content not only responds to the national strategic development, but also reflects the power of China’s important equipment, such as big data scenarios, artificial intelligence, medical health, transportation, etc; It also responds to the policies on cultural development, such as smart cultural tourism and inheritance of intangible heritage; The exhibition shows the application scenarios of new identity, new daily life and new life brought by design intelligence, and takes care of all aspects of children's and women's development.

From Machine Assistance to Perception Generation

Empowering Excellence

More Resilient Humanity

From Conveyance to Intelligent Terminals

Travel and Efficiency

Cultural Inheritance and Innovation

Trends and Advocacy in the era of Generation Z

Everyday Ingenuity

Kids Friendly

Free Your “Hands”

Global Interconnection and Symbiosis of Everything. The German Association of Craftsmen (Deutscher Werkbund) funded in the early 20th century closely combined art, technology, science and industry. At the end of the 20th century, Qian Xuesen's Question made it necessary for this combination to happen in China. In the present era, design thinking has become the mainstream of innovation in the world. Product design is not only a simple combination of art and technology, but also the guidance of science and technology, the transmission of ideas and the precipitation of culture, which embodies the shaping of people and the conception of the future. The exhibition is a summary of the Design Intelligence Award showing the most powerful strength of China's design and manufacturing and reflecting the great energy of industrial development. It also provides a window and opportunity for international design to enter China and explores the value and responsibility of design intelligence in the new era.

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