The opening of 2019 Design Intelligence Award Exhibition

On the morning of September 20th, the "2019 Design Intelligence Awards Exhibition" was grandly opened at the China International Museum of the Xiangshan Campus of the China Academy of Art. The exhibition was guided by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, hosted by the China Academy of Art, organized by the China Design Intelligence Awards Organizing Committee, the China Academy of Art's Wenchuang Design and Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Center, the China International Design Museum, and the Zhejiang Modern Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Center. Inspired by industrial thinking and re-innovation by interpreting the thinking trends and creative dynamics behind the excellent design of the year.

2019DIA Exhibition opening scene

A large number of domestic and international design circles, award-winning contestants, media partners and representatives of government leaders from all levels gathered at the China International Design Museum to discuss industrial design events. Mr. Hang, the deputy dean of the China Academy of Art, the chief curator of the Gome Museum Group and the chairman of the China Design Intelligence Awards Expert Committee, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech. Yue Yang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology, Qian Xiaofang, secretary of the Party Committee of the China Academy of Art, Song Jianming, chairman of the China Design Intelligence Awards Organizing Committee, Liu Xiaokang, secretary general of the Hong Kong Design Association, co-founder and senior vice president of Xiaomi President Liu De, Mathie Heller, founder of DeTao Hemai Design Automotive and Industrial Design Studio, Mr. Manabu Inoue, General Manager of Canon Design Center; and Sini Sriniva, CEO of LUMIUM Design Company, USA Mr. Srini R Srinivasan, President of the International Association for Information Interaction, Mr. Aloke Nandi, and the second-level college cadres of the China Academy of Art, the China International Design Museum, the Folk Art Museum and related functional departments. The winners of the 2019DIA and the teachers and students of the China Academy of Art attended the opening ceremony.

Leaders and guests attending the opening ceremony

Speech by Yue Yang, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology

Yue Yang said that the China Academy of Art has exerted its professional advantages and the power of international resources to bring together design innovation resources from all over the world, which has led to the interactive development of the design, investment and industry sectors, including the media. The atmosphere that promotes the common concern of Zhejiang society for design and participation in works and industrial innovation is taking shape. This excellent exhibition selected the outstanding works in the entries for display. These works represent the latest design concepts, the best design skills and the best design results of international industrial design. The relevant departments of the provincial government will jointly work with the competition organizing committee. Efforts will be made to actively integrate funds, technology, and market resources, and promote the transformation of the achievements of outstanding works for the benefit of society.

Speech by Qian Xiaofang, Secretary of the Party Committee of China Academy of Art

Qian Xiaofang said that the China Design Intelligence Award is the first international college award in the field of industrial design in China. It always adheres to highly unique values and evaluation standards, and always upholds the "human intelligence, life wisdom, science and technology intelligence, industry think tank". Core values, constantly tapping new products with social influence, industry demonstration, and global representation, with confidence and ability to become an important booster and incubator driven by innovation, to promote Zhejiang's industrial transformation and upgrading, and accelerate construction and manufacturing. The province has made new and greater contributions. The China Academy of Art will continue to play the role of the national team of art education and culture creation, gather resources, strengthen the platform, and mobilize wisdom to be the engine and source of creation for Zhejiang Zhizao and China.

Speech by Hang Jian,  Chairman of the Design Intelligence Awards Expert Committee

Hang Jian pointed out that the Chinese design wisdom creation awards, these contemporary design works and the China International Design Museum, which are the collections of the Western modern design series with the Bauhaus as the core, are also exhibited, showing the concern of Chinese design circles for Chinese design and world design. One kind of thinking also shows that our Chinese design is committed to the life value of Chinese people under the trend of world design and development, and is committed to the industry-driven development of Chinese people's oriental life concept. He also said that in the next development process, the Chinese Design Intelligence Awards will not only continue to bring together global innovation forces, but also bring the Chinese original design to the world, and let the Chinese people benefit more from the design results.

Speech by Liu Xiaokang, the Secretary General of the Hong Kong Design Association

Liu Xiaokang mentioned that this award (DIA) is very meaningful. It is not only a award, but also a good platform for international exchange. When you share good design, bring good foreign talents and designers to China and understand China. development of. China is no longer blindly learning other countries. Our Internet economy and sharing economy are leading the world. We have a lot of new designs. Foreign friends can come in and share the changes of these new business models and participate in some creations. Design to enhance business. The significance of this award is not only for the design community, but for Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and China, it is worthy of our support.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Wang Yun, Secretary General of the Design Intelligence Award Committee.


Four years of a sword, the new weather 

Since its inception in 2016, the Design Intelligence Award has been successfully held for three times. After four years of grinding a sword, the first prize received 2511 entries, which has grown to 7280. The contestants of the previous awards have covered 56 countries and regions, and their works involve digital systems, smart homes, fashion wear, transportation, In many application fields such as smart agriculture, the development trend is constantly improving. This exhibition has a total of four areas: cultural innovation, technology frontier, industrial equipment, and digital economy. For the first time, AR technology has been applied to the exhibition to enhance interactivity and fun. The audience can be comprehensive, multi-angle and three-dimensional. Experience the winning entries. The China International Design Museum opened in April last year. More than 250 outstanding works selected this time will be exhibited and collected in the China International Design Museum for the first time. This is an international recognition of the value of the Chinese Design Intelligence Awards.

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