2020 DIA Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries in the Finals

Delivery Duration

1.7th September - 25th September 2020 (UTC+8, 08:30-16:30)

2.Entries arrived in advance or overdue won’t be signed for.

Delivery Address

1.Recipient: Design Intelligence Award Committee

2.Address: Room 309, Building 4, Fenghuang Creative Park, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China 310024

3.Tel: +86-153-8109-1589

Delivery Method

Please follow the process above to complete the shipment and read items below carefully:

1.All entries participating in Finals shall ship the physical product or prototype to DIA.

2.For entries are too large to transport like aircraft, vessel, etc., may ship a small-scale model or functional prototype.

3.Entries in digital Interaction form should provide hardware carriers with software ( the carriers can be but not limited to mobile phone or iPad, etc.). 

4.Participants should bear all expenses occurred in delivery.

5.Participants should inform DIA Committee by email (info@di-award.org) before 16:00, 5th September, 2020(UTC+8) if the length of the entry exceeds 1.5m.

6.Participants should contact DIA Committee for making an appointment at least one day in advance for self-delivery.

7.For oversea participants, please read the 2020 Delivery Instruction for Overseas Shortlisted Entries.

8.Entries under the situation as below will be rejected by DIA Committee, which will be deemed as abstention of evaluation qualification automatically.

 1)Entries don’t arrive during delivery duration.

 2)Entries need to pay freight or customs clearance fees by DIA Committee.

 3)The package is damaged seriously.

 4)Entries don’t fill in delivery information in registration system within 24 hours after sending.

 5)Entries don’t paste QR Code on package.

 6)Entries are not qualified in Finals.


1.To ensure fairness of evaluation, Entries should not be fetched arbitrarily without permission; DIA Committee will arrange entry returning only one time (or self-delivery).

2.DIA Committee will arrange entry returning (or self-delivery) in December, 2020. The exact time will be notified later.

3.To ensure the completeness of each entry and avoid the risk of damage, DIA Committee strongly recommends the participants pack entries or pick up their entries on their own.

4.DIA Committee may entrust a third party to assist in sending entries back if participants cannot come and get entries back by their own.

5.Any costs and losses occurred in assisting returning shall be borne by the participants.

6.If sending back within China, DIA Committee will send it by freight collect.

7.If sending back beyond China, participants must provide an international express account withholding account in advance.

8.DIA Committee shall not be responsible for returning self-deliver entries. The participants shall pack and take the entry back by their own in specified time. Please make an appointment at least one day in advance.

9.Participants should fill in the return information in DIA system before 25th September, 2020. It will be deemed as waiver the ownership of the entry and DIA Committee has right to dispose it if participants don’t contact DIA Committee before early December, 2020.

10.All the award-winning entries shall donate their physical entries to DIA Committee. Entries required further development should be sent back once finished. Approved by the Committee, entries with difficulties in shipping such as boat, train and plane could be replaced by scaled models.

Considering the numerous risks involved in the delivery process, please read and sign the 2020 DIA Risks Disclosure Statement before sending works.

Once entries delivered, it will be deemed as you have read and accepted all above terms and conditions.

Please email to info@di-award.org with Entry ID in the subject if you have any questions.

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