Countdown | List of Experts for DIA 2022 Nominations (III)

The public registration for the 7th Design Intelligence Award is coming to an end (July 8). Please hurry up and register! Now the channel for expert nomination is open. We will continue to announce the list of experts for DIA 2022 nominations in four phases.Please stay tuned.

Some participants may have already received a "special pass” - going straight to the finals. Let’s take a look at the list of the third batch of experts now. Senior professionals, academic leaders and industry elites from various professional fields will serve as “Talent Scouts”.

Are there any experts you are familiar with? We expect that your excellent works will be discovered!

Experts for DIA 2022 Nominations (III)

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Jun Cai (China)

Professor, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University

Professor Jun Cai has devoted himself to the research of design strategy and management for many years, theoretically and practically exploring design-driven strategic innovation, user-oriented design innovation thinking and its application in design research methods and tools. Over the years, he has won design awards from Norway, Hong Kong and the 9th and 10th National Fine Arts Exhibition of the Ministry of Culture, and has published dozens of academic papers in domestic and foreign publications and delivered speeches in the United States, Japan, South Korea and China. He is the responsible professor of the course “Design by Innovation” of Academy of Arts and Design , Tsinghua University, editorial board member of the international journal of Design Issue, judge of Red Dot Award (Germany), Gmark Award (Japan), Gmark Fellow (Japan) and Red Star Award (China), Top 10 Educators of Industrial Design in China, international judge of National University of Singapore, distinguished professor of Guangzhou University of Technology, adjunct professor of Tongji University and visiting professor of Beijing Institute of Technology.

Hanqing Chen (China)

Honorary Dean, School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology

Professor of Wuhan University of Technology, director of Hanqing Museum, honorary dean of School of Art and Design, Wuhan University of Technology, distinguished professor of "Evergreen Scholar Program" of Wuhan Polytechnic University, member of Chinese Artists Association. He is also the invited vice president of China Industrial Design Association and the deputy director of the Expert Committee of Environmental Art Committee of China Construction Culture and Art Association,  member of the 1st and 2nd Postgraduate Education Steering Committee of Art Major of the Ministry of Education. Mr. Chen has led the team to successfully apply for the first doctoral program in design art in six provinces of central and southern China, and won the titles of National Teaching Team, National Excellent Courses and Outstanding Contribution Award of China’s Design Cause.

Jiang Chen (China)

Dean, School of Industrial Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Professor, Top 10 Educator of Industrial Design in China, vice chairman of the Steering Sub-Committee on the Teaching of Industrial Design in Higher Educational Institutions under the Ministry of Education, deputy director of Information and Interaction Design Committee (IIDC) of China Industrial Design Association, member of Art Fund Expert Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture, member of "Thousand Talents Program" Expert Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture, and Outstanding Teacher of Higher Education in Guangdong Province.

Ravindra S.Goonetilleke (USA)

Honorary Professor, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Professor, Khalifa University, UAE

Dr. Ravindra S Goonetilleke (Lewei Geng) is a professor at Khalifa University, United Arab Emirates. He worked as a professor in the Department of Integrated Systems and Design and the Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision-making Analysis of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He is an editor of International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, Ergonomics in Design, Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries, and International Journal of Human Factors Modelling and Simulation. His research fields involve product innovation design, product usability, cultural and creative product design and system, etc.

Stephen Green (UK)

Chief Teaching Research Fellow

Dyson School of Design Engineering Leader of innovative design engineering project of Imperial College London and Royal College of Art

Professor Stephen Green is a world-class expert with extensive practical experience in systems design, innovation engineering, design project management and design higher education. During his 38-year design career, he held many senior positions in the field of design consulting, including participating in the design of the world's first large-scale injection molded suitcase for Samsonite, which was patented globally and sold in millions. He works for five world-renowned design schools, including Dyson School of Design Engineering and Imperial College London. He has rich experience in design-based cooperation between the industry and universities, and has established more than 306 cooperation projects with the industry, benefiting 5,105 students. In addition, he also represents design education in Britain as a member of the Board of Directors of British Industrial Design Association (BIDA).

Jieh-Cheng Kuo (Taiwan,China)

Secretary General of Taiwan Design Alliance

In 1989, Jieh-Cheng Kuo graduated from the Institute of Industrial Design of Hamburg University of Fine Arts, where he studied from the world design giant Prof. Dieter Rams, and then he has worked for Braun AG in Germany; Since 2009, he has been promoting the participation of industrial design in social infrastructure in Taiwan with the concept of “Good Designs Benefit Society”. Through the core value of people-oriented and serving the people in industrial design, he lets the public believe that industrial design is the common belief that cities are moving towards a model of civilized social life.

David William Grossman (Israel) 

Former President of International Council of Design (ico-D)

Founder and first president of National Designers Federation of Israel. From 2015 to 2017, he served as the president of ico-D and he is also the founder of Tel Aviv Design Research Center. In recent years, he has served as judge of design awards for many times and participated in the development of infrastructure in China's design industry. 

Fei Hu (China)

Dean, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University

Distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor of Tongji University. High-level young talents of the Ministry of Education, member of the Steering Sub-Committee on the Teaching of Industrial Design in Higher Educational Institutions under the Ministry of Education He graduated from Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 2005 and studied under Professor Liu Guanzhong. He has presided over more than 20 projects at or above the provincial level, such as the major projects of National Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Education, and is the person in charge of the first batch of national first-class courses "Service Experience Design”; Mr. Hu has published 3 textbooks under national planning, 10 academic translations and more than 90 papers; His teaching achievements have won the first prize and the second prize of provincial teaching achievements; His academic achievements have won multiple awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences at the provincial level and the "Best Paper" at international academic conferences; The industry-university-research achievements has won the Diamond Award in the “Governor Cup" Industrial Design Competition of Guangdong Province.

Ting Han (China)

Associate Dean, School of Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Professors, doctoral supervisors, adjunct professor of Institute of Medical Robotics, young scholar of Changjiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education (2019), candidate of Shanghai Pujiang Talent Program, Outstanding Teacher of Baosteel, Tang Lixin Outstanding Scholar, Top 10 Educator of China Industrial Design Association, member of Industrial Design Teaching Steering Committee of Ministry of Education and director of Shanghai Promotion Center for City of Design.

Haibo Lei (China)

Founder of Taihuoniao Technology

Founder and strategic consultant of the Designer Community of A-share listed company Visual China (stock code 000681). Vice president of China Industrial Design Association, vice president of Zhejiang Industrial Design Association, vice president of Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organization and director of Dragon Design Foundation. As a representative of outstanding design talents in Beijing in 2019, he was invited to attend the military parade at the Tiananmen Square to mark the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

Jingting Lin (China)

Secretary General of Fujian Industrial Design Association

Director of Industrial Design Department, College of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Huaqiao University, director of Institute of Product Innovation Design, Huaqiao University, executive director of Fujian Industrial Design and Service Manufacturing Industry Technology Development Base. He is the secretary-general of the Awards Committee of the “Channel Cup" Industrial Design Competition, and an expert in the evaluation of China Excellent Industrial Design Award. He presided over more than 100 scientific research projects and more than 100 patents.

Joyce Lan (China)

Director of Academic Committee and Dean of Graduate School of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Doctor, professor, senior engineer enjoying professor-level treatment, top 10 outstanding youth in China's design industry. Now she is the director of academic committee of Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology, dean of Graduate School, vice president of China Industrial Design Association, editor-in-chief of DESIGN, vice president of Beijing Design Society, distinguished expert of College of Engineering, Peking University, and distinguished professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. She once served as design director of Haier Group and design director of China Household Electric Appliance Research Institute. Mrs. Lan has been engaged in design innovation for more than 20 years, mainly focusing on design strategy, design management and service design. Her academic subjects focuses on design standards research and design industry policy research. She is good at building design public service platform, creating design system, formulating design strategy and developing innovative products.

Shijian Luo (China)

Dean, School of Design, NingboTech University

Young Scholar of the "Changjiang Scholar Program" of the Ministry of Education (2018); Chairman of User Experience Industry Branch of China Industrial Design Association; Director of Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence; secretary general of CAAI Intelligent Creativity and Digital Art Committee. He has led 1 key project of National Social Science Fund, 4 projects of National Natural Science Fund and 1 project of National 863 Program, and organized and presided over more than 10 national science and technology support programs. Mr. Luo has also undertaken the development and design of astronaut movement and restraint system for Shenzhou-10/Tiangong-1 rendezvous and docking, Tiangong-2 laboratory and follow-up space station missions, designed the chair for leaders attending Hangzhou G20 Summit in 2016, and the chair was selected as the chair for leaders attending Wuzhen Internet Conference in 2017. In addition, he has also designed the helicopter chairs of Z-9 and WZ-19 armed helicopters. He is the editorial board member of International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. Mr. Luo has published more than 120 SCI and EI academic papers and 8 books.

Dopink (China)

Design Director, Alibaba Cloud Design Center

Design director of Alibaba Cloud Design Center and vice chairman of Design Standards Branch of China Industrial Design Association. He is the first to systematically putting forward the concept of "computing design" in China; He is engaged in the integration of technology, design and commerce, as well as the cloud product experience design and innovation, industry digital design, intelligent product design, etc.

Xuetai Yang (China)

Dean of Industrial Design Research Institute of Huaqiao University

Mr.Yang graduated from the first industrial design class of China Academy of Art. Now he is the president of the National Institute of Ceramic Industry Design, professor and doctoral supervisor and enjoys the special government allowance of the State Council. He is the Leading Talent of the National Ten Thousand Talents Program, the Young and Middle-aged Leading Talent in Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Leading Talent of Universities in Fujian. He is also a member of China Design Competitiveness Committee, director of Industrial Design Art Committee of Fujian Artists Association, president of Fujian Ceramic Industry Design Institute, president of Quanzhou Industrial Design Association, and evaluation expert of Changjiang Scholars Program of the Ministry of Education. He has presided over many major national projects and topics of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, and undertaken the design and production of national gifts for BRICS Xiamen Summit, the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China. His works were selected for the 12th and 13th National Fine Arts Exhibition. Det Design, the company he founded in 2011 has been recognized as National Industrial Design Center, National High-tech Enterprise, National Service-oriented Manufacturing Demonstration Platform and National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise. In 2014, he created, the first design industrialization platform. In 2021, the institute he incubated was recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the only national institute of ceramic industry design in China.

Renmin Zhu (China)

Director of Joint Research Center for Ecological Restoration at Zhejiang University

He has won awards from the 6th and 7th National Fine Arts Exhibition, the 2nd China Youth Art Exhibition and the 1st China Art Festival. He has won the title of National Outstanding Worker of the Ministry of Culture, "Master Medal" of China Building Decoration Association of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, "European International Green Good Design Awards", "Da Vinci World Award of Arts" issued by Da Vinci, Italy, etc. Da Vinci Municipal Government and others first instructed the establishment of "China-Italy Da Vinci-Zhu Renmin Art Museum". Since the 1980s, he has creatively established the theory of "saving ecology with art"; His ecological art has achieved great repercussions in the United Nations, FAO, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Berkeley, Stanford, New York University, Milan Institute of Technology and other high-end academic institutions.

Hongshi Zhou (China)

Executive Vice President of Guangdong Industrial Design Association

Senior industrial designer, Top 10 Promoters of Industrial Design in China, vice chairman of Industrial Design Branch of Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society, and expert member of Expert Working Committee of China Industrial Design Association. Since 2008, he has served as judge of many industrial design competitions at home and abroad, including China Excellent Industrial Design Award, DDF Award, Red Star Award, etc.

Jinyi Zhi (China)

Executive Dean, School of Design, Southwest Jiaotong University

Professor, doctoral supervisor, deputy director of the Institute of Man-Machine Environment System Design, member of the Teaching Steering Sub-Committee of Mechanical Industrial Design in Colleges and Universities of the Ministry of Education, expert of the Teaching Steering Committee of Master of Art Design, and director of Design Education Branch of China Industrial Design Association. She is mainly engaged in the theoretical research and design practice of rail transit equipment, and has carried out many years of exploration and research in human factors engineering of vehicles, passenger behavior, design aesthetics and design culture theory. In recent years, she has participated in the industrial design of China's standardized high-speed train Fuxing, CRH380A, high-speed inspection train CIT400, subway train, intercity train and tram. She has presided over 4 national, provincial and ministerial projects and presided over and participated in more than 60 other scientific research projects. Mrs. Zhi has published more than 20 SCI, EI and CSSCI papers, authorized more than 20 patents and published 4 monographs.

Xuguang Zhu (China)

Dean, School of Art and Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Professor, doctor, doctoral supervisor, member of Standing Committee of Industrial Design Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, member of the subject group of the Zhejiang "14th Five-Year Plan" in Philosophy and Social Sciences, vice president of Zhejiang Association of Cultural Industry, member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Design Major in Universities in Zhejiang, secretary-general of the Innovation Committee of Zhejiang Fashion Industry Federation, and member of the Advisory Committee of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. He has participated in the evaluation of art projects of National Social Science Fund, projects of National Social Science Fund, projects of National Art Fund, humanities and social science projects of the Ministry of Education.

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List of Experts for DIA 2022 Nominations (IV)

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