2022 DIA Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries

According to the DIA evaluation rules, in principle, all shortlisted entries shall be delivered to the DIA Committee and videos shall be uploaded in the system.

-For physical entries, launched products, functional prototypes or appearance models shall be delivered;

-For intangible entries such as software, and Concept Group entries, videos shall be uploaded;

The participants shall click the “Delivery" button in the “Entry List” on DIA website (https://en.di-award.org) to fill in and submit the relevant materials for Final Evaluation before August 15th.

I. Delivery Info

1. For Entries from China:

1) Delivery Duration : September 13-28, 2022 (Beijing time 08:30-16:30 on working days);

2) Recipient: Ms. Wang

3) Address: Building 7, North District, Mengqi Town, No. 2988, Moganshan Road, Liangzhu Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

4) Tel: +86-13989832879

5) Zip Code: 510288

2. For Overseas Entries(According to China's pandemic prevention policy, all overseas parcels should be held for disinfection for 14 days after arriving in China. To ensure the entries can be successfully shown in the final evaluation, all overseas entries need to be sent no later than August 15th.)

1) Delivery Duration : August 09, 2022-September 10, 2022 (Beijing time 08:30-16:30 on working days);

2) Recipient: Mr.Deng

3) Address: 48 Baofeng Street, Nanzhou Road, Haizhu District,Guangzhou,Guangdong province, China

4) Tel: +86-18925195129

5)Zip Code: 510288

3. Entries fail to arrive during the delivery duration will be rejected.

 II. Delivery Method

Please follow the process above to complete the shipment and read the items below carefully:

(1) All shortlisted entries shall ship the physical product or prototype to DIA. For physical entries, launched products, functional prototypes or appearance models shall be delivered; For intangible entries such as software, and Concept Group entries, videos shall be uploaded.

(2) For works are too large to transport like aircraft, vessel, etc., shall deliver a small-scale model or functional prototype.

(3) Participants should bear all expenses occurred in delivery.

(4) Participants should inform DIA Committee by email (info@di-award.org) if the entry length exceeds 2.5 meters or the weight over 100kg.

(5) Participants should contact DIA Committee for making an appointment in advance for self-delivery. (6)For oversea participants, please read “Notes for Overseas Shortlisted Entry Delivery” carefully.

(7)Entries under below situations will be rejected by DIA Committee, which will be deemed as abstention of Final Evaluation automatically.

-1- Entries don’t arrive during delivery duration.

-2- Entries need to pay freight or customs clearance fees by DIA Committee.

-3- The entry outer package is damaged seriously.

-4- Participants don’t fill in delivery information in registration system within 24 hours after delivering the work.

-5- Entries don’t paste QR Code on package.

-6- Entries are not qualified for DIA Final Evaluation.

III. Return

1. To ensure the fairness of the DIA evaluation, all participants are requested to delivery their entries within the time limit. The shortlisted entries cannot be retrieved without approval after being delivered.

2. DIA Committee will arrange the returning of the entries from overseas (or entry retrieving by the participants) around December 2022, and the specific time will be notified separately.

3. In order to ensure the integrity of the entries and effectively avoid the risk of damage in the process of packing and returning, DIA Committee suggests that the participants should pack and send back or retrieve their entries in person. Participants who cannot pack and send back their entries in person due to objective reasons may entrust DIA Committee to arrange the return.

4. If DIA Committee is entrusted to send back an entry, any expenses and losses incurred in the process of sending  back the entry shall be borne by participants.

5. If DIA Committee is entrusted to send an entry back to a place in China, DIA Committee will to send the entry by SF Express with the payment term of “Freight Collect”.

6. If DIA Committee is entrusted to return the entry, DIA Committee suggests the following two ways:

①SF Express “Freight Collect” service: Participants can entrust DIA Committee to send back entries by SF Express with the payment term of “Freight Collect”.

②FedEx/DHL/UPS Remote Pickup Service: Participants can prepare required documents for remote pickup

(including but not limited to express waybill, proforma invoice and packing list) and contact the courier companies to pick up the parcels at the designated time and place.

7. For all entries sent to DIA Committee by participants in person, the participants are requested to retrieve their entries at the designated time and place. To  retrieve entries quickly, the participants are requested to make an appointment   with by telephone at least one day in advance.

8. If the valid entry return information is not submitted before August 15, 2022, DIA Committee will keep the entry until early December. If the relevant participant fail to contact DIA Committee within the time limit, it will be deemed that      the participant has waived the ownership of the tangible entry, which will be disposed of by DIA Committee.

9. All awarded works with bonus must donate their physical works to DIA Committee. If entries need further research and development, it can be sent back to DIA Committee when completed. Entries that are too large to transport, such as ships, high-speed trains and airplanes, can be replaced by scaled-down models. If the award winners prefer to donate their entries to DIA Committee for collection, DIA Committee will provide the collection certificates accordingly, and there will be more exhibition opportunities for those entries.

Considering the numerous risks involved in the process of delivery, please read and sign “2022 DIA Risks Disclosure Statement” before delivering the Entry. Once works delivered, it would be deemed that you have read and accepted all above terms and conditions.

Please send email to international@di-award.org with Entry ID in the subject if you have any questions.

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