2022 Design Intelligence Award (DIA)Preliminary Evaluation Review & the International Seminar was successfully held

From August 4 to 5, the 2022 Design Intelligence Award (DIA)Preliminary Evaluation Review & the International Seminar was successfully held. This International Seminar was jointly sponsored by the Design Innovation Center of China Academy of Art, DIA and IFDR. Representatives from China, overseas sub-divisions and international workstations attended the Seminar online. With the theme of "Design Collaboration: Integration and Symbiosis of Design Values in Cross-cultural", this International Seminar focuses on two major topics: "Design Management" and "Value Symbiosis".

The preliminary evaluation of the 7th DIA was successfully completed from July 15 to August 5, during which 13 international and domestic evaluation meetings had been held online. DIA has seen steady growth in three aspects in 2022: The total number of entries has risen to 8,010, the number of countries and regions participating in DIA has increased to 70, and the number of international workstations has expanded to 13, making steady progress towards the overall goal of “building a world-class industrial design award”.


With the difference in geo-culture, more and more novel and cutting-edge design works have emerged from DIA. Focusing on the theme of "Design Collaboration", this Seminar gave full play to the advantages of "United Nations of DIA Design". Through cross-cultural perspective and multi-industry observation, the participants discussed the development trend of design industry in different countries and different cultural backgrounds, the causes and mechanisms behind it, and the blend and symbiosis of cross-cultural design values. In addition, they also summarized and discussed the preliminary evaluation results. The judges of each division shared the highly recommended works and determined the finalists.


Judges of DIA International Seminar Assembled Online

Professor Song Jianming, Chairman of the DIA Committee, and Professor Hang Jian, Chairman of the Academic Committee, delivered speeches at the Seminar. Professor Wang Yun, Chairman of the Preliminary Evaluation, presided over the Seminar and made a concluding speech. At the Seminar, judges and guests from home and abroad exchanged their ideas on topics such as "Great Harmony in Design, Symbiosis in Value, and the Design Affecting the Community with a Shared Future for Mankind", exploring the future of design.

Professor Song Jianming said that the value of DIA is getting higher and higher, and it is attracting more and more participants. Integrating innovation and intellectual development. Facing the challenge of a new round of global digital transformation, it is imperative to explore new methods and models to solve the problems of shared society. DIA will continue to promote the integration of China and developed countries, even the global industrial design community and intelligent innovation technology, build the symbiosis and consensus, and create new demands, new possibilities and new values with the power of synergy.


As Professor Hang Jian mentioned, DIA, since its birth, has been supported by peers from all over the world and it has shown vitality through the academic pursuit. The original “pyramid” evaluation system and standards created by DIA have been recognized by peers all over the world. The high-quality award-winning works recommended by DIA every year not only reflect the innovation mode of design in daily life and production in various countries in the world, but also seek and explore more possibilities of design for future life. 

Facing the new challenge of globalization, future literacy and design foresight have become indispensable qualities and abilities for us to cope with uncertainty, enhance social and industrial resilience and achieve sustainable innovation. During the two-day international seminar, experts and scholars from all walks of life around the world made forward-looking responses from their respective professional contexts.

“The design boundary is being greatly extended. We should not ignore all kinds of philosophical thinking for the future. In this context, DIA, a cutting-edge and open platform, came into being. DIA belongs to the world and is a combination of the whole design industry and universities. We look forward to the integration of speculation and technology from a multidisciplinary perspective, and make consensus and symbiosis better. We will make joint efforts towards this goal in the next step. Thank you very much for your input, and look forward to meeting with you again and discuss more possibilities of designing the future!” Professor Wang Yun finally concluded.


This international seminar looks forward to the future from a cutting-edge perspective and explores the future in the construction of a community of shared future, which has broadened our academic horizons, strengthened international academic exchanges and cooperation, and enhanced academic influence, providing forward-looking ideas and suggestions for developing cross-integration and collaborative research in the global design. It is reported that after this seminar, research papers will be released one after another.


The preliminary evaluation of 2022 DIA has been successfully completed, and you can check the results on the DIA official website.

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