DIA returns to the origin of design with human intelligence, advocates that design is “Intelligence of Humanity, Wisdom of Life, Fusion of Tech & Art, Brain of Industry”, and plays the role of bringing world-wide creativity to an intelligent future.
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PDF 2019 DIA Announcement
PDF 2019 DIA Guidelines for participants
2019Focused Issues
2019 DIA focuses on the extensive transformation of society and industry under the influence of digital economy, and discovers the design paradigm in the field of intelligent manufacturing, social innovation, etc.
Entry Categories
DIA Award
  • 1.Cultural Innovation:

    Product and service emphasizes function and interaction, in the areas of digital devices, household appliances, kitchen& bathroom, elderly care, mother and baby, toys & musical instrument, sports & leisure, disaster prevention, etc.

  • 2.Living Applies:

    Product and service emphasizes humanistic aesthetics and the sustainable development, in the areas of souvenirs, stationery, packaging, fashion,tableware, furniture & lighting, social innovation, etc.

  • 3.Industrial Equipment:

    Product and service emphasizes efficiency and user-friendly, in the areas of transportation, medical, construction, agricultural & forestry, military, office, mechanical tools, etc.

  • 4.Frontier Technology:

    Product and service emphasizes application of high technology (artificial intelligence, block chain, 3D printing, mixed reality, etc.), in the areas of smart wear, smart home, smart city, smart agriculture, intelligence manufacturing, robots, etc.

  • 5.Digital Interaction:

    The software product emphasizes user experience and business model, in the areas of industrial production, office services, urban services, health care, transportation, recreation & entertainment, social communication, house living, education & training, etc.

DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu
  • 1.Stationery and Sporting Goods:

    Including stationery and sporting goods.

  • 2.Toys:

    Including decoration toys, art toys, scientific & educational toys, etc.

  • 3.Bags and Luggage:

    Including wallets, crossbody bag, shoulder bag, backpack bags, suitcase, etc.

  • 4.Others:

    Other commodities including packaging, fashion, living applies, outdoors, etc.

The entry is accepted either by public registration or expert nomination. Entries through public registration need to be reviewed in Preliminary Evaluation. Entries through expert nomination approved by DIA Committee have access to skip Preliminary Evaluation. To be fair, experts for nominating and judging work independently. The same entry is not allowed to apply for “DIA Award” and “DIA Special Award” at the same time.Participants shall register/login via DIA official website (www.di-award.org).
Registration system is only open from Feb. 28, 2019 to 24:00 May 28, 2019(UTC+8). No registration fee will be charged, and late submission will not be accepted.
Entry Collection Period – Preliminary Evaluation – Results Announcement – Shortlisted Entry Delivery – Second Evaluation – Results Announcement – Final Evaluation(DIA Award) – Award Ceremony – DIA Exhibition
  • 01 Entry Collection Period
    Feb.28, 2019 - May.28, 2019
  • 02 Preliminary Evaluation
    June.3, 2019 - June.4, 2019
  • 03 Results Announcement
    June.13, 2019
  • 04 Shortlisted Entry Delivery
    June.28, 2019 - July.10, 2019
  • 05 Second Evaluation
    July.13, 2019 - July.15, 2019
  • 06 Results Announcement
    July.19, 2019
  • 07 Final Evaluation(DIA Award)
    Sept.2019(to be notified)
  • 08 Award Ceremony
    Sept.2019(to be notified)
  • 09 DIA Exhibition
    Sept.2019 - Dec.2019(to be notified)
“DIA Award” sets awards of Gold Award (2 Prizes, 1,000,000RMB/Prize), Silver Award (10 Prizes, 200,000RMB/Prize), Bronze Award (10 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Honorable Mention (around 300 prizes). “DIA Special Award - Design Yiwu” sets awards of First Prize (2 Prizes, 150,000RMB/Prize), Second Prize (3 Prizes, 100,000RMB/Prize), Third Prize (5 Prizes, 50,000RMB/Prize), Excellent Prize (10 Prizes, 10,000RMB/Prize).
1. Entries Delivery of Second Evaluation
2. Questions About Enries Registration
3. 2019 DIA Registration Instruction
4. Required Materials for Registration
PDF 2019DIA Instructions for Participants
1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights
2. Publicity and Confidentiality
3. Registration Information
4. Registration Qualification
5. Notifications and Feedbacks
6. Delivery
7. Return
8. Donation and Collection
9.The Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony
10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses
11. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry, and DIA committee reserves the right of final interpretation.
PDF 2019 DIA Disclaimers
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