DIA GOLD:BrainRobotics mini hand 905

Owner Unit: Zhejiang Qiangnao Technology Co., Ltd.

Design Unit: Zhejiang Qiangnao Technology Co., Ltd.

Team Member: Zhaoyi Yang,Haoxuan Wang,Zhiqiang Ji,Weicheng Deng,Bicheng Han


The intelligent bionic hand represents a quantum leap forward from the era of rudimentary metal hooks and static prosthetic limbs. It shatters previous constraints that required physical buttons or joysticks to perform pre-programmed gestures. This advanced prosthetic hand weaves AI technology and bespoke programming capabilities into its core, offering a more seamless and intuitive user experience. By harnessing muscle signals through electromyography sensors in the residual limb, it translates these biological cues into precise movements, enabling amputees to perform gestures and actions that feel natural and intuitive.

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